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FHA 203k Renovation mortgages are our primary focus. Whether it is for purchasing a home that needs rehab work in NJ, PA, MA, CT, VA, MD or DE or a current homeowner who is looking to renovate their primary residence in NJ, PA, MA, CT, VA, MD or FL or any of the other states we are licensed in we are a FHA 203k lender, here to help you. AnnieMac Renovation Lending is helping to rebuild communities and creating opportunities using the FHA 203k Rehab mortgage. Right now there are millions of homes sitting on the market that with a little TLC would be everyone’s dream home – it’s just a matter of learning how to make those dreams a possibility.

At AnnieMac Renovation Lending we not only originate FHA 203k mortgages – we educate consumers, Realtors and contractors on how to use the FHA 203k mortgage correctly. We take the time to truly give everyone the knowledge of how to take a fixer upper and turn it into the American Dream. Our experience and dedication to giving the best possible customer service is what truly separates us from the rest. Some companies talk about their experiences – we show you ours.

Renovation, Rehab and Excellent Customer Service
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