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8 Ways to Protect Your Home Against Tornadoes and Hurricanes

Posted on: May 20, 2017 1:00 am - in Articles

Source: Popular Mechanics This year has blown away the annual average for deadly tornadoes in the U.S. (28) with a barrage that numbers 50 and counting. This April was the worst tornado month on record, and storms throughout the year have ripped through Alabama, Massachusetts, Missouri and elsewhere. And now, as tornado season winds down, […]

10 Best Landscaping Ideas

Posted on: May 18, 2017 1:00 am - in Articles

  Source: Southern Living Your home may be your castle, but rather than surround it with a moat, use any of these ten wonderful yard landscaping ideas to add warmth, color, and texture to the place you love to live. From growing blooming shrubs, to planting annuals and perennials, to deer-proofing your garden, there are […]

How to Remove Black Mold

Posted on: May 16, 2017 1:00 am - in Articles

  Source: HGTV By: Sean McEvoy   Black mold can be an insidious problem for homeowners, potentially leading to a costly removal process and even a host of health problems. But by learning how to get rid of black mold safely and effectively, you can protect the health of your family and the value of […]

Amazing Roof Decks to Copy

Posted on: May 13, 2017 2:00 am - in Articles

Source: Better Homes and Gardens Whether situated in the city or scenic countryside, roof decks are a hot spot for entertaining and relaxing. Take advantage of your home’s roof space with these creative outdoor hangouts that provide a fresh and functional view from the top. Read more …

Build Your Own Pond

Posted on: May 11, 2017 2:00 am - in Articles

Source: Popular Mechanics By: Joseph Truini If you’ve always wanted a backyard pond, you’re not alone. Hundreds of thousands of homeowners already have them and thousands more are installing them every year. Why all the fuss over a water-filled hole? Well, for one thing, gurgling waterfalls are inherently appealing. Also, with the growing popularity of […]

How to Build a Porch Swing

Posted on: May 9, 2017 3:30 am - in Articles

Source: The Family Handyman Enjoy the gentle sway of a porch swing on a summer night. With these clear how-to instructions and photos, you can build a classic porch swing in a weekend. Swing design The smooth, gentle glide of this porch swing will keep you daydreaming for hours. In fact, you may lose your […]

Second-Level Home Additions

Posted on: May 6, 2017 12:00 pm - in Articles

From: Better Homes and Gardens Ripping the roof off your house and adding a whole new level on top may sound like a drastic means of gaining space, but there are various situations in which it makes sense. In some cases, a new level can be a big money-saver; in others, the real payback is […]

Updating Your Driveway

Posted on: May 4, 2017 2:00 am - in Articles

  Source: Style at Home By: Scott McGillivray When considering what home improvements you can make to help increase the value of your home, updating your driveway probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. But don’t rule it out: Your driveway is one of the first things people see on your property and […]

Home Renovation for the Golden Years

Posted on: May 2, 2017 2:00 am - in Articles

Source: New York Times By: Kaya Laterman Home renovations often center on upgrading the kitchen cabinets or selecting a new paint color for the bedroom, but as long as you are at it, a well-thought-out redesign might also include modifications to help you stay in your home as you grow older. These alterations can start […]

Living Down Under: How to Convert Your Basement Into an Apartment

Posted on: April 29, 2017 1:00 am - in Articles

From: The Fill By: Juliana Lytkowski Make your basement work for you. Converting your basement into an apartment or rental unit is a great way to earn extra income, and most earn back their investment within the first year. There’s plenty of square footage in the basement that, once finished, can function as its own […]