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FHA 203k Mortgage Videos

FHA 203k Mortgages and The Process– Learn some of the basics of how the FHA 203k works.

ABC News Segment

203K for Sandy Victims

Disaster Planning

Habitat for Humanity

The Client

Up Close and Personal with Jeff Onofrio

Alysia DeStefano, Keller Williams Realty – talks about how comfortable she now is with the FHA 203k after attending the Secrets of the 203k seminar.

Garwood Ave. Timelapse

Zelley Ave. Timelapse

PHL 17 Eye Opener

AnnieMac Mountain Lakes Testimonial – realtor shares some of his experience with the AnnieMac team in Mountain Lakes, NJ.

Add-a-Level Project and Testimonial See how this project changed the lives of our customers and how the FHA 203k when done correctly can be a great tool for both home buyers and customers who are looking to refinance and add onto there homes.

FHA 203k Contractor Video – 203kContractors.com This is a great resource for clients looking to do FHA 203k loans as they verify and screen contractors for customers upfront.