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Massachusetts FHA Mortgage Loans

Massachusetts Lenders have the following programs available for Massachusetts customers:

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Jeff Onofrio, Branch Manager, NMLS #38760
Office: 866-312-6682 ext 385 Fax: 866-438-1351

Annie Mac Home Mortgage is a full service direct lender. Jeff runs a team of seasoned mortgage professionals with years of experience. His team focuses on first time home buyers, FHA, VA, USDA and reverse mortgage products. Jeff’s specialty is the FHA 203k rehab mortgage for both purchases and refinances. He writes blogs about his 203K experiences; you can see those here on WhatIsYourRate.com. Contact Annie Mac Home Mortgage to receive competitive rates, low fees and expert advice.

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Massachusetts Conventional Mortgage Lenders – Virtually all lenders offer conventional loan products. When in search for an Massachusetts conventional loan, make certain you are receiving the best possible rate with the best possible terms and the lowest closing costs associated with your particular loan. Massachusetts conventional loan requirements differ greatly from an Massachusetts FHA loan in regards to maximum loan amounts, minimum down payments, loan-to-value ratios and credit criteria so make sure you have educated yourself on your loan options before speaking with a Massachusetts lender.

Massachusetts FHA Mortgage Lenders – Not all Massachusetts mortgage companies are approved to offer FHA loan products. Massachusetts lenders are required to adhere to certain guidelines set forth by the FHA so when you are in search of an FHA loan, make certain that the Massachusetts lender you are working with is approved by the Federal Housing Administration. Massachusetts FHA maximum loan limits are set by HUD and differ for each county in each state (use the table below to find Massachusetts’s maximum loan amount). Down payment, loan-to-value and credit criteria are much more relaxed than conventional loans so ensure your Massachusetts lender is getting you the best possible rate for your particular financial situation.

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AnnieMacRenovationLending.com is not HUD. We connect you to the information you need when trying to find an approved lender. We make recommendations to use certain approved lenders in certain states. Please investigate, do research and be thorough when trying to decide what loan is for you.