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Battling between the 203K and HomeStyle rehab loans?

From: Mortgage Professional America Modern mortgage programs make it easier than ever for borrowers to purchase and finance a home renovation with one single loan. Both Fannie Mae’s HomeStyle mortgage and the FHA’s 203K mortgage serve as “one-time-close” mortgages with distinct similarities and differences that can make choosing between the two difficult to decide. “Fannie […]

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FHA 203K Refinances

I often get calls from people who say they don’t have enough equity in their home to get a line of credit. They go online to see if there’s any solution, and they find my website. I’m happy to inform them that, yes, they do have options.  A FHA 203k will suit their needs. They’re […]

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Managing a Kitchen Renovation Budget

From: Tracking Our Debt Without a home renovation budget in place renovating your home can quickly and easily slide out of control. Unlike other locations in the world, the cost of products and the cost of manual labour in Canada is quite high. For example, a complete kitchen renovation for an average size home could […]

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7 Spring Renovation Ideas for Your Home

From: Home Advisor With the transition to warmer weather and longer days, you may be itching to prepare your dwelling for the months ahead. Spring offers some bountiful opportunities to work on your home and update its appearance both inside and out. The following are some spring renovation project ideas that can boost your home’s […]

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The FHA 203K and Competing with Cash Offers

When we work with homebuyers who are trying to purchase REO or foreclosure properties, they often find themselves competing against cash buyers and cash investors. Banks or foreclosure representatives typically sell properties for more money when they’re dealing with end-customers rather than cash investors, which tends to make end-customers more desirable for them. I’m a […]

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FHA 203K and House Hacking

You may have heard the term “house hacking,” which is a trendy concept in the investment world. So what is it, exactly? Basically, it refers to buying a property as your primary residence and rehabbing it. Then you either turn around and rent the property, or flip it after a year. The idea is that […]

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Reading, MA couple gets major home renovation

This is a reprint from The Reading Advocate in Reading, Massachusetts about a client of AnnieMac’s and the FHA 203k renovation mortgage they got. We love to see articles like this as they help to show you what is possible by using the FHA 203k renovation mortgage! Enjoy! Reading, MA couple gets major home renovation […]

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Considering a Renovation? How about adding a second level to your home?

How is it possible? FHA 203k mortgages are increasingly popular for adding a second level to an existing home using the FHA 203k in a refinance transaction (known as an add-a-level project).   This is done by adding the existing debt of the mortgage (or mortgages if you have a first and second mortgage) and […]

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FHA 203k Rehab Loans- Question and Answer- Part 1

We have been receiving a high number of phone calls asking questions regarding the FHA 203k rehab loan program- our flagship program.  So I figured I would create a series based around these questions.  I will try to post each time I receive at least 3 questions- which means I should be posting a lot 🙂 The […]

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