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203k Certified Contractors

The 203k Contractor Certification Program verifies contractors’ competency on all the intricacies with the FHA 203k, tests their understanding of the FHA 203k and verifies their financial ability to afford the start up costs and ongoing expenses with FHA 203k projects so that consumers, lenders and Realtors® can choose their FHA 203k Contractors with confidence, which is why many lenders, Realtors® and consumers direct contractors to become a Certified 203k Contractor before they can do any 203k jobs. Contractors who receive the designation of Certified 203k Contractor have this logo proudly listed on there website, on there marketing materials and some even put it on there trucks!  Also all 203k certified contractors can be found below by clicking on your area!

AnnieMac Renovation Lending also has our own internal process of approving 203k contractors.  This process involves a 203k consultation to go over the process in general from initial bid to scheduling draws to closing out the renovation project.  We go over in detail what we expect from the contractor and how the program works so that every has the correct expectations set at the beginning of the process.

Our experience has been that contractors who fully understand the entire process make the best contractors- this is why we encourage all contractors considering using the FHA 203k as a financing option for there customers consider the 203k Contractor Certification Program.  The program sets the table for success in using the FHA 203k program.