Jeffrey Rosen is director of AnnieMac's Lending to America's Heroes program, which provides mortgages for people who serve their communities in volunteer or professional capacities. Among those who meet that description are law enforcement personnel and first responders.

Jeffrey has spent a lot of time cultivating relationships and demonstrating his support for the law enforcement and first responder communities. And they appreciate his efforts, and evidenced by several recent events in which Jeffrey participated:

Last month, Jeffrey was honored at the Bergen County Conference — consisting of 53 Police Benevolent Associations of Bergen County, N.J., along with their presidents and delegates. He was one of only two people honored that night.

On My 31st, Jeffrey supported the Emerson PBA and Chief Rossi at their golf event to raise money for children.

On June 8th, Jeffrey was proud to support Bergen County Sheriff Michael Saudino at his benefit golf outing. Lending to America's Heroes donated a television to help raise money.

On June 3rd, the Englewood Cliffs Fire Department honored Jeffrey for his support and fundraising efforts on behalf of first responders. 


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