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4 Things to Consider Before Building a Deck

From: Timber Tech What You Should Think About Prior to Getting Started Not all new decks have a solid plan behind their construction, and many homeowners will decide to install a new deck without considering potential issues. They choose instead to rely on their own experience, their understanding of regulations and codes, and home improvement […]

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5 Trends in New Home Construction

From: Zillow Porchlight What’s on the runway for home-building fashions? Experts predict 5 big “ins.” In the world of apparel fashion, trends go in and out in a matter of months. For interior design, trends may change year to year. But home construction changes much more slowly — on the scale of decades. Home fashions […]

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Questions to Ask When Buying New Construction

  From: Maximum Real Estate Exposure The possibility of owning a brand new home has obvious appeal. Many new home buyers have the option of getting the home customized, making the property even more desirable. Additionally, with a new home, you don’t have to worry about all the problems that come with older homes – […]

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