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DIY Extra Tall Baseboards

From: Little Green Notebook

I love tall, chunky baseboards and I’m not ashamed to say it! 🙂 Beefy floor boards = instant character in a room. Custom milled tall baseboards are insanely expensive though. Luckily it’s easy to replicate the look by layering a few pieces of much more affordable moulding. Here’s how:

After we installed the plywood wide plank flooring, I started nailing up the 8″ primed pine boards that we used for baseboards in the rest of our house. These boards come in 12′ lengths and cost right about $20 each (so about $1.50 per linear foot). I loved the way they looked in the rest of the house, but in here, with the wide planks being basically the exact same width, the chunky floor board looked super dinky.

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