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Positive Drainage Keeps a House Dry

From: Ask the Builder

By: Tim Carter

DEAR TIM: I am building a new home soon and I do not want water drainage problems of any sort in my yard. My existing home is built on a slab and I frequently have standing water around the house after a rainfall. My new home will have a basement. Can I build a house with a dry basement or will it leak over time and become damp, musty and useless? Surely there must be a way to eliminate all water problems around a home. Amy C., Dubuque, IA

DEAR AMY: You bet it is possible to eliminate water problems around the average home. The good news is that many of the things required to achieve a dry, well drained lot are very economical. The largest expense will be the cost to actually waterproof your new foundation. It is a one time expense and if you use one of the better systems out there your basement, like mine, will be bone dry for many years to come.

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