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Protecting Your Deck From Dry Rot

From: HomeAdvisor

Dry rot is a tricky foe to fight. Even its name is deceiving since it’s not dried at all but, in fact, occurs due to excess moisture. But what exactly is it? Actually, it is a fungus which can cause mildew, mold, staining, or decay in wood. Micro-organisms remove cellulose from the timber, leaving it brittle and vulnerable. And like any fungus, all that’s required is some heat, moisture, dirt, and a dark place to grow. So when it comes to outdoor decking, it loves wooden porches, especially ones built in extreme weather regions: hot, humid summers and wet, foggy winters are prime conditions for decay. But it doesn’t stop there. If it isn’t detected and removed immediately, it could spread like a bad rash and create even more damage (and more costly repairs), which is why this fungus is often called the “cancer” of homes.

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