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FHA 203k Renovation Mortgages – The Pros and Cons

Everybody who’s looking to buy a home should at least consider a FHA 203k renovation mortgage. But I’m not going to lie — it isn’t for everyone. As with just about anything else, there are advantages and disadvantages. For borrowers with certain needs, it’s a godsend. But you need to weigh the pros and cons […]

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FHA 203k Certified Contractors – where do I find one?

The Search Begins….. Finding a certified FHA 203k contractor can be a hard thing to come by- why you ask?  Simple- FHA / HUD does not maintain a database, train contractors, or even approve them to do work.  Finding a contractor to use in the FHA 203k renovation mortgage process is the responsibility of the […]

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How Does a HUD 203k Inspection Differ from a Standard Home Inspection?

This is a guest post from Steven Laszlo (S0640), FHA 203k consultant and a trained home inspector in California.  I asked Steven if we could put this on our site because this question comes up all the time from home buyers, Realtors and even other loan officers when I train them.  Its an important subject […]

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